Hello there!

It’s a weird time for me to start writing this blog. I have been planning to do so for quite some time but I always end up avoiding it. I have been at my home for three weeks for what were supposed to be vacations. Yesterday, I got my jaw locked surgically for a month as a part of my ongoing treatment. That means I can’t speak anything for a whole month. Yes, a whole month. My jaw barely moves now. I am basically a 30-day trial of a Live Dumb Charades Experience. I still haven’t quite figured out how to eat this way. Liquid diet sucks. Anyways, here I am writing on my blog, because this is the only way of expression I have right now. Maybe this is what it would take for me to actually start writing a blog instead of just thinking about it. You might have noticed that this blog has an odd name. It is something I randomly came up with almost a year ago. I won’t tell you what it means, but I think it sounds interesting. Every time I have thought of writing something on this blog, I haven’t been sure of the language I should use : Hindi being the other choice. My generation sucks at both of them. I think I will do it both ways. ठीक है?

I have little clue as to what I should be writing about right now. I’ll probably ramble on for another paragraph and then share it on Facebook, to get some attention, which is why we do things these days anyway. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be allowed to use an ongoing treatment to get attention unless it is for a terminal disease, but I think it’d be funny if I die from malnutrition due to a closed jaw. To be honest, rarely have I completely read a blog post that a friend shared on Facebook . पर मैं ना बिना पूरा पढ़े लाइक का बटन भी नहीं दबाता| हराम की कमाई पाप होती है | I think I will be switching languages only to mess with the flow of my posts. The fact that it discomforts you even slightly will make me happy. In case you are still reading this, I can conclusively say that you have nothing better to do and your life pretty much sucks. Or maybe, just maybe, you have a thing for me. In which case, inbox me and tell me already! DO.IT.NOW. ALRIGHT? IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!

For anyone wondering “What’s the point of this post?”, it’s an introductory post, you piece of shit. Going by my past record of writing blogs, this might as well be the last post on this blog. I have had three blogs in the past, all of them active for a small period of time. Good luck finding them and wondering why you did that in the first place. I’ll try to be regular on this blog for sometime. Oh… I forgot to tell you, I am really bad at ending blog posts.

P.S.:This was not a long post. Your mobile device has a screen of small width. For a given font size, Length*Width=Constant. नमस्ते|